Guest Posts

We like to think we are a bit different to other firms offering guest posts.

All guest posts we offer are on OUR OWN SITES. Not ones we have paid to be placed with no real guarantee of longevity. Every site we offer is on managed by us, on a server we also own and manage.

What does this mean for me?

We can guarantee the quality and positioning of all posts. We can also guarantee a lifetime post is just that.

We have sites covering a range of niches including

On the Sports blogs we are happy to accept a limited number of betting and gambling related posts, however we ask for a 50% premium to reflect their scarcity

Sites offered range from DA18 upwards, with sites typically in the DA30 – DA40 range. We do also have some new sites with a lower DA, this of course come at an attractive price, but also come with the benefit of being new and therefore having a vey low OBL rate.

That’s not very high?

That’s true – but what these links bring you are quality not quantity. Guest posts must be a minimum of 500 words plus, with a maximum of 2 external links. We promise not to place any other external links on the same page.

The vast majority of our sites are on UK TLD which makes them ideal for business targeting the UK market